Will a potential employer really look me up on social media?

Short answer. Yes, yes they will!!

The majority of employers will now check a potential employee’s online presence during the hiring process. So it’s a good idea to do a bit of research on yourself, find out what they are going to see and make sure that’s something you want to future boss to see!

  1. Google yourself

This is the first step! Find out what comes up when you google yourself and what you might need to change. Make sure to check the photo section! If there is anything that might make you look bad in the eyes of a future employer, get rid of it. If in doubt, chuck it out!

  1. Check your privacy settings

Login to all of your accounts and double check your privacy settings. If you are using social media primarily for personal reasons, it’s a good idea to have a private profile, so only friends can view what you post.

  1. Showcase your skills

If you are able to photograph or write about skills relevant to your job, think about having a public account specifically for this use. Allow it to be searchable and consider putting links in your job application.

  1. Maintain an appropriate online presence

Even once you’ve got the job, it’s still important to remember to be careful about what you are posting online and who is able to see it. Most companies will have a social media policy, so it’s a good idea to find out what it is and make sure what you are posting is in line with your company’s policy.

  1. Be careful what you write about work

Don’t bad mouth your previous employer or job on social media channels. And especially don’t bad mouth your current employer. There’s no quicker way to get yourself hauled into the HR office!

Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it (and if you have a tech-savvy grandmother like mine who will actually see it), don’t post it on social media!

Written by our social media guru, Tracey. If you need help checking your social media for your job search, make an appointment to see Tracey or one of our helpful advisors.

How to use Instagram in your job search!

Have you ever thought about using Instagram in your job search? No, neither had I!

But what a great way to showcase your work to any potential employers or customers.

During a presentation, we were told a story about a barista who was headhunted by another café after they saw photos of the coffees he was making. This was the first time I considered using Instagram as a tool to promote yourself and what you have to offer to potential employers.

If you have something tangible to show, it’s a great (and free) way to get yourself out there. The most obvious are artists or people in creative roles. However, you could be showcasing beer that you have brewed or animals that you look after in your volunteer role. Think outside the box as to the pictures you could take to show off your skills but also a bit of your personality. It can give any potential employers the opportunity to see what you are like as a person and what you are passionate about through the photos you post.

If you want to make the most of your Instagram account for profiling your work:

  • Make sure your profile is on public so that people can actually see it! Make sure what you are posting is suitable for the whole world to see. A photo of you partying on the weekend in amongst photos showcasing your knowledge of conservation probably isn’t the best look!
  • Consider setting up a separate ‘professional’ Instagram account. Use it specifically for showcasing your work.
  • Follow companies you are interested in working for. These will show on your profile and you’ll find the company may also start following you back.
  • Follow others in your area. Instagram can be a great way to gain inspiration for your work and to keep up to date with what others in your field are doing. It could also provide a platform for networking and collaboration.
  • Think about how often you post. It’s important to post enough to show that you are active but not so much that you are clogging your followers news feed!!
  • Consider your current employer. Remember they can also see your public profile. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to post any images.

As well as profiling your own talents, Instagram is a great way to do some research to find the more ‘fun’ side of a potential employer. If you could drop it into your interview about their ‘Wing Wednesday’ or monthly birthday celebration, it gives you an opportunity to bond with the interviewer, but also to show them that you would fit in with their culture. Most companies are on Instagram now, so it’s a perfect opportunity to find out some information you wouldn’t find on their website!

Happy Instagramming!

Written by our social media guru, Tracey. If you’d like assistance with incorporating social media in your job search, make an appointment with Tracey or book in to her Becoming a Standout Applicant workshop. 

The Tinder of Job Applications!

Are you sick of trawling through Seek and other online job boards? Then, you have to check this out!

For those of you who are single, or have a friend who is (let’s be honest, we’ve all seen a Tinder account), it looks and feels exactly the same as Tinder.

It’s called Found!

And I think I’m in love! (No, I haven’t confused it for Tinder!) Seriously, wait until you see this app.. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun searching for a job!

Being a fairly new app, I didn’t expect to find much in our region, but I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of Geelong jobs coming up. Most of the jobs are in hospitality and retail, but there are also opportunities in sales and admin.

Firstly, you update your profile to include long walks on the beach and holding hands.. oops, I mean, you include your employment history, education and even your referees.

Then, you start to search for jobs. Each job comes up with a profile of the employer, location and description of the job.

You then have the opportunity to hit yes or no (the same as swiping left or right on Tinder). By hitting yes, your details are provided to the employer who can then make contact with you to discuss the opportunity.

One of the best parts is that you don’t have to upload anything!!

This would have to be the simplest way of searching for a job I have seen yet. I’m hoping for more of a move in this direction.

Check it out for yourself (www.found.careers) and let us know how you go 🙂

Written by our social media guru, Tracey. If you need assistance with your job search, make an appointment with Tracey or any of our helpful advisors.

Would you make a warm call?

Last week when I shared my blog post ‘So you think the only way to apply for a job is online?’ on my personal Facebook site I was really just showing off that I am a real blogger now!!

However, I found it very interesting the number of people who commented and who actually read my post! I was surprised to see that many of my friends were in this same situation, and I hadn’t realised.

I had been surprised when I heard the story from my beauty therapist, and at the time thought this to be an unusual situation, but it turns out it may not be as unusual after all.

A Canadian friend of mine is a lawyer and looking for work in Australia. In her words, ‘I was busting my ass applying and interviewing for online jobs. But I ended up cold calling a law firm and just got a full time job!’ (Well done, Kora!)

So, I thought it timely to share some tips about how to make the perfect cold call.

You may be able to score yourself a job by making random phone calls, however your chance of success will be higher if you take a more targeted approach, a warm call!

Do your research

Choose companies that mirror your values and are places you genuinely want to work. You’ll have an easier time talking to someone if you can show a real interest in their company. Spend some time on the company’s website and also on any social media sites to get a good understanding of who they are and what you have to offer them.

Try to find the right person to talk to

Again, research is the key here. Try to find a shared connection that could make an introduction. If not, find out who is the best person to speak to. If you can get past reception to the person with the power to make a hiring decision, you’ll give yourself a better chance of a job opportunity.


It’s a great idea to have a practice, especially if you are not confident on the phone. What is it that you want that person to know about you? It’s helpful to write a script so that you have something to refer to if you get stuck to make sure you get your point across. There’s nothing worse than hanging up the phone and then remembering what you wanted to say!

Keep it short!

Everyone’s busy, so when you get the opportunity to talk to someone, make sure you get to the point quickly, but politely! Ask if this is a good time and if it’s not, suggest to call back at another time.

Say thank-you!!

Whether it is a successful phone call or not, make sure you are polite and thank the person for taking the time to speak to you. While there may not be an opportunity now, try to leave a lasting impression so that you will be in the person’s mind if an opportunity does come up.


Do what you say you are going to do. If they are busy and ask you to call back, then call back when you agreed to! We know how busy people are, so don’t be disheartened by a lack of interest or failure to return your call. Persistence can pay off, so follow up on a phone call that hasn’t been returned or a message you have left.

Yes, it takes a bit of confidence. But if you are well prepared and target your calls to companies that are a good fit for you, it can pay off. And if it ends in a job you’ll love, I think it’s worth putting yourself out there.

Written by our social media guru, Tracey Jeffery. If you’d like some help to make a warm call, make an appointment with Tracey or book in to her ‘Becoming a Standout Application’ workshop.

So you think the only way to apply for a job is online?

Think again!

Last night as I was getting my nails done, I was speaking to the new beauty therapist about how she came to be working at this salon. And her story was an interesting one!

Did she apply online? No.

Did she wait for an ad to go up in the paper? No.

She decided she wanted to make the move to Geelong, so she showed some initiative and started calling some salons. When she phoned this particular salon, the owner mentioned she’d just had a position become vacant and that she was actually looking for someone.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! She started work the next week and is a perfect fit for the salon. By putting herself out there, she managed to secure a job opportunity in the perfect salon for her.

When I asked her how many places she had called, I was expecting her to say she had made lots of phone calls. However, she received this job offer on only her third phone call. She completed some research and specifically targeted salons that she was interested in and that she knew would fit well with her personality and her experience.

I was so impressed with what she had done, but wondered if this is something that I would do myself if I was in this situation. I’m not sure that I would. But this shows that it can definitely pay off.

So, as you go about your job search, consider if you should be putting yourself out there a bit more (it’s hard I know!) and cold calling some companies or businesses that you are interested in. I think it’s important to do some research into who they are and think about what you have to offer them, rather than just picking up the phone book and calling randomly.

If you can skip a lengthy online application process and substitute it for a phone call, I think it’s worth a shot!

Written by our social media guru, Tracey Jeffery. To perfect your cold calling script, make an appointment with Tracey or book in to her ‘Becoming a Standout Application’ workshop.

What would you say if you were in an elevator with your CEO?


You’ve probably all heard of the elevator pitch, but have you ever thought about what you would really say if you were in the elevator with your CEO? Would you be too nervous and look at your feet? Would you make polite chit-chat? Or would you say something that would make an impact?

A university colleague of mine was working in administration at a company and was interested in moving up into a Finance role. One morning he was faced with the opportunity to speak to his CEO when they entered the elevator together. He wished him good morning and then proceeded to introduce himself and explain what he did at the company (‘I work for you in accounts’) and his aspirations for progression in the company.

What do you know? He now works in Finance!!

We can often be scared of hierarchy. I don’t know if I would have the guts to say something like that to my CEO. When I asked him what made him do that, he said ‘Why not?’ What a great question. Why not? If we aren’t promoting ourselves, no-one else will!

So, what is an elevator pitch?

A short statement that can be used to sell yourself to people, including potential employers.

And, why should you have one?

To differentiate yourself! It’s great when networking and gives you a statement you can use to let someone know about you and what you can offer. You never know what opportunities they may have coming up, or who else they might know!

Features of an elevator pitch

  • 30 seconds or less
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Authentic & real
  • Your passions
  • Your strengths
  • Your values
  • What’s different about you
  • What you can offer

So, start thinking about what your elevator pitch would be and what you will say next time you’re in the elevator with your CEO or at a networking event with a potential employer. Why? Why not?!

Written by our social media guru, Tracey Jeffery. Make an appointment with Tracey for more information, or book in to one of our workshops.