Insights into the Health Sector employer panel 2018

Careers in the Health Sector:

Insights from St John of God Geelong Hospital , Epworth Healthcare & Barwon Health

As many of you would be aware, the health care and social assistance industry is Australia’s biggest employer. We were honoured to hold the Health Sector Insight Employer Panel in July 2018. The panel members presented an overview of their organisation and an insight into their sector as well as an outline of their recruitment process and types of opportunities available.

The panel consisted of:
Mick Fuller (Senior HR Manger) Epworth Healthcare
Jacinta Kenny (Talent Acquisition Adviser) Barwon Health
Dinie MacRae (Learning & Development Manager) and Michael Trainor St John of God Geelong Hospital

Epworth Healthcare
Mick Fuller – Senior HR Manager

Epworth has been around for 100 years and is the largest private not for profit hospital. Epworth moved to Geelong in 2016. They had 400 employees in July when they opened and now has 950 employees. The Epworth Group employs over 7000 people with the majority of staff employed in Richmond.

Potential employees need to be passionate about the organisation and motivated by shared values. He says although technical skills are important it is the shared cultural values that are important. He was attracted to the Epworth name and the professional and diverse environment they offer.

The Epworth Workforce
As a hospital, hospitality is the key so any background in hospitality is good. Epworth is a service industry and prioritises patient focussed skills then looks at other skills: technical and transferable

Clinical and general staff opportunities can include:
Theatre Technicians: Involves bringing in the equipment and setting up the theatre. Certified role so you need a Certificate to be employed. Shortage of theatre technicians in Geelong.

Administrative Positions: Includes Reception, Personal Assistants and Ward Clerks. Lots of competition for a small number of roles.

Food Services
Primarily employs people with hospitality skills and emphasises customer service.

Food Service Model involves personalised service following a hotel model. The menu is catered to your personal needs, including medical and dietary requirements.

What Epworth looks for in an employee

Technical Skills
Skills/Qualifications that are required for each role
NB: If qualifications are required, candidates will have the same qualifications.

Non-Technical Skills – This is where people can differentiate themselves

Employability skills that transfer from past experiences: teamwork, communication/customer service, organisational skills etc

Values – Epworth takes their values very seriously

Respect, Excellence, Community, Compassion, Integrity, Accountability

Look on the website and find out about the values. In an interview, think about how your values align with theirs.

NB: As a hospital, hospitality is key.

Epworth’s Recruitment Process

Application process
Requires Cover Letter (1 Page) and Resume (2- 3 pages).
The layout must be easy to read and formatting consistent.
Tailor to organisation and reflect the values and mission, particularly in the Profile or Career Objective in the Resume
Ensure your past employment reflects the skills required. Tailor these to the position

Interview process
Preparation is key as it shows respect for the organisation.
There will be a values question so give a tangible and authentic example of where you demonstrated the value.
Use the STAR process: Focus on a clear example and allow your self time to respond
Practice well.
It is a Face-to-face Interview – 45min – 1hr with hiring manager and a representative from HR.
Come prepared and know about the environment. Make sure to check the website. This shows motivation, respect and initiative.

Advertising of roles
95% of roles are advertised, as they are looking for the best person for the role.
Advertised on:
Epworth website –
Specialty Job Boards

Can complete an Expression of Interest on the website, indicating the roles you are interested in, and you will receive an email to notify when those types of roles are advertised.

How to apply for a job at Epworth
Submit a Resume, Cover Letter and response to Key Selection Criteria.

4-5 page maximum
Don’t be distracting
Don’t use colour or different font throughout the document
Keep professional
Use a single font in 11 or 12pt
No photos

Cover letter
Tailor your cover letter – very important!
Make sure to change the name of the company – this shows care and attention to detail
Brief and to the point
1 page
Demonstrate what you can bring to Epworth

Key Selection Criteria
Flexible with regards to addressing Key Selection Criteria and won’t always ask for this to be completed separately
Look at the Position Description and address how your skills match and how your motivation fits
Show that you are committed to professional development
Show your connection to the community. This can be through involvement with sporting clubs or coaching your kid’s soccer team. This tells about you as a person.
Lots of people have the technical skills, but less meet the criteria of fit, culture and personality.

Barwon Health
Jacinta Kenny – Talent Acquisition Adviser 

Barwon Health is the largest employer in Geelong, employing over 7000 people. They look after people from birth through to death and have 21 sites, including the hospital, Grace McKellar Centre, a number of Aged Care facilities and look after patients all the way to the South Australian border. Values driven organisation.

Health is the fastest growing industry in Geelong and Barwon Health advertises 40 jobs per week on average. It is an exciting industry with new innovations and a secure future. You may not get the role you want but getting a foot in the door is crucial as this allows you to move around later. Talent Community means that you can upload a profile and it will come to Jacinta’s team.

The Barwon Health Workforce
Volunteers are important and this may be a pathway into Barwon Health
Employees are diverse: technical and then areas such as administrative and food services
In administrative roles positions are often casual to start but allows you to get an overview of the organisation, gain experience and monitor internal positions, so it could be a stepping stone. Jacinta recommended autotyping as requiring many people and top of the list in the casual pool needs.

Casual Administration Pool
Administration roles are highly contested but Jacinta recommended registering with the Casual Administration Pool when open.

Seen as internal candidates, so can apply for internal roles. Allows you to connect with different departments.

What Barwon Health looks for in an employee
All about the attitude in particular shared values and understanding the mission of Barwon Health in helping the community.

People who are excited about working in health care and are passionate about improving patients outcomes and understanding

Barwon Health’s Recruitment Process

Application Process:
Tailor both Cover Letter and Resume to the position and organisation
Don’t upload the wrong resume or cover letter and ensure there are no mistakes in names, dates or positions.
In the resume the Career Objective or Profile is a chance to link to the values and mission of Barwon Health.
Focus on the skills required and align your past employment to demonstrate those skills

Interview Process
Decentralised process – each manager runs their own interviews.
Phone Interview First

Panel of 2 or 3 including the manager in that area
Talk about your passions and how you align with Barwon Health’s values.
Make sure you are prepared and take notes in.
Research: Website, Position Description, Values
If you know someone who works at Barwon Health, ask them!
Call the Manager (if name on ad) and ask questions to start to build your relationship.
They understand that it’s scary and you’ll probably be nervous.
Will be asked behavioural questions so have examples ready. Will require the use of STAR and centre around awareness of self, communication and relationship building skills
Ensure positive examples are used.
Will be asked motivation/values question such as Why do you want to work with us.

Advertised on the website –
Huge pool of volunteers.

Advertising of roles
Lots of internal advertising, due to the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and the fact that Barwon Health encourages people to progress.

Casual Positions – lots of casual positions come up. Don’t be scared to apply as there are opportunities to pick up more shifts once you are in the door.

Can register your interest online and will be sent job alerts.

Advertised on the website –

How to apply for a job at Barwon Health

Before you apply, think about:
Can you be available 24/7?
Are you passionate and excited about this industry?

Need to upload a Cover Letter, Resume and then answer the Key Selection Criteria.

Only include what’s relevant and focus on your key skills
Have a profile at the top to give a snapshot of you at a glance
Clear and concise, easy to read with a good layout
Include volunteering opportunities as this shows your connection to the community and can demonstrate required skills.

Cover Letter
Link yourself to the organisation and values.
Talk about 3 – 4 top skills
Show your passion clearly through what you have done before.

Key Selection Criteria
Part of the process.
Use clear examples and stick to the focus.
Use STAR technique

Dinie MacRae – Learning & Development Manager
Michael Trainor – Director of Mission and Integration

To meet the needs of the people of Greater Geelong and the Western District, our hospital has expanded to 276 beds, with more than 400 accredited medical practitioners offering services that include:

medical and surgical
cancer care
intensive and cardiac care

People and culture matter, along with caring relationships within our hospital. Our focus is driven by our mission and values. Potential will need to demonstrate that they align to the values and are the right fit for the culture and the organisation.

Our Values – The core Values reflect our heritage and guide our behaviours:

Hospitality – A welcoming openness to all; to the familiar and the mystery of self, people, ideals, experience, nature and to God.
Compassion – Feeling with another in their discomfort or suffering and striving to understand the other’s experience with a willingness to reach out.
Respect – An attitude treasuring the unique dignity of every person and recognising the sacredness of all creation.
Justice – A balanced and fair relationship with yourself, neighbour, all of creation and God.
Excellence – Giving the optimum standard of care and service within available resources.

St John of God Geelong – Workforce

Technical/Clinical and General Opportunities

Allied Health, Theatre Technician, Nursing (all students may complete placements which may provide opportunities for employment)

Other roles: Administration, Food Services, Patient Service

Volunteer experience is valued and provides opportunities to gain experience within a hospital.

Clinical coders are much sort after and paid well.

What SJOG looks for in an employee
Applicants need to demonstrate motivation to work with the organisation along with a genuine interest in the role they are applying for.

How to apply for a job at SJOG
Register on the website and receive an email alert.
Applications should include: cover letter, key selection criteria and resume (try to focus on what you bring to the role and the organisation – (ie experience, volunteering, and match to culture)

Interview Preparation (Behavioural Interview)
Ensure you prepare and practice. Know why you want to work with us, why you want the role, what’s important to you and how you align to SJOG’s mission and values. TIP: Some of the questions you may be asked include: teamwork, initiative, time management, strengths and weaknesses

Helpful Tips (General)
There are lots of casual opportunities, so make the most of these. We are very lucky in Geelong that we have a great hospital network.

Casual gets your foot in the door and there are lots of opportunities. People are working across multiple organisations and hospitals in Geelong.

You are able to put in your availability on a weekly or monthly basis and it will match to what manager’s need.

It’s ok if you aren’t available all the time or if you can’t do a shift, as there is a big pool of casuals.

However, be responsive. If you are knocking back lots of shifts, it will seem like you are not available.

People are moving around the organisation more, opening up more opportunities.

Interviews: Be early (remember hospitals can be difficult to navigate and/or find parking), presentation is important, be confident, smile, shake hands with the interviewers and ensuring you have at least one or two questions prepared at the end of the interview.

If you are interested in a career in the health sector, require assistance with your application or interviews, please book your FREE one-on-one appointment with any of the Skills and Jobs Centre by calling 5225 0700.



Community Services Employer Panel

The Skills and Jobs Centre recently hosted its first employer panel in Geelong for 2018. The panel featured three employers from the Community Services sector and provided insights into the industry, current opportunities, skills and qualifications required and some handy tips about the recruitment process.

The panel members were:

  • Maree O’Dell (General Manager of People and Organisation Development) – Diversitat
  • Jill Meade (Coordinator Youth Statutory Support Programs) – Barwon Children, Youth & Family
  • Scott Morris (HR Advisor) – Barwon Children, Youth & Family
  • Amanda Stirrat (Community Development Officer) – City of Greater Geelong

Barwon Child, Youth & Family was launched as a new entity on 1 July 2015 because of a merger between Glastonbury Community Services, Barwon Youth and Time for Youth. The organisation employs nearly 350 staff across 40-50 different job roles and provides services to clients via its client services platform that includes Early Years, Family & Community services, Out of Home Care, Specialist Intervention Services, Youth Services and headspace Geelong.


Diversitat, also known as Geelong Ethnic Communities Council, is a registered charity and a not-for-profit community service organisation. Established in 1976, today they offer services in settlement, community development, youth services, aged support, training and education, as well as arts and events. They also manage The Pulse Radio and Television, Wholefoods Pantry and Kitchen, and the Belmont Oppe Shoppe. The organisation employs over 300 staff across 11 sites in the Geelong and Colac region.


City of Greater Geelong (COGG) is the local council in Geelong that provides a diverse and extensive range of property, economic, human, recreational and cultural services to the community and implements the City’s strategic plan.  COGG is the second largest employer in the region, employing over 2500 people in a wide variety of roles.


Why work in the Community Services sector

  • Empower and advocate for some of the most marginalised members of your community
  • Be a champion for your local community and help them to have a voice
  • Lots of positives and good news stories about a not-for-profit organisation can accomplish
  • Gives you a reason why to come to work and helps you contribute to something bigger than yourself
  • Consider volunteering the sector to learn more about the different organisations and build your network.

 Applying for a job in the Community Services sector

  • All vacancies are advertised on each organisations website, (see the links above which will take you straight to the employment pages) as well as on Seek and social media pages like LinkedIn.
  • Applicants are encouraged to read the Position Descriptions carefully and to contact the listed contact person with any questions. This is also a great way to introduce yourself to the organisation and make your name stand out from the many applications.
  • Tertiary qualifications (ranging from Certificate III to Degree) may be required for some positions but relevant work experience is always highly regarded as it shows you can fit straight into the job.
  • Check to see if a cover letter is required and if so take this as an opportunity to really show your enthusiasm for the role.
  • Use the STAR (Situation | Task | Actions | Results) method when responding to the Key Selection Criteria and keep your answers to two or three paragraphs.
  • Don’t forget to highlight your relevant experience and passion for the role when responding to the Key Selection Criteria. Make the panel excited to read your application and to meet you at interview.
  • There will be two or three staff on an interview panel and for some positions, there may even be a second interview. The interview will include questions about what interests you about the role and your relevant experience followed by some behavioural questions.
  • Most organisations require some additional background checks such as a Police Check or a Working with Children’s Check
  • Always remember that every interaction with the organisation is part of the recruitment process, so make sure even a phone call to book an interview is handled professionally.
  • If you are successful in getting the job, each organisation offers, a comprehensive orientation and induction process and further professional development opportunities are available.

Don’t forget to book into one of the Skills and Jobs Centre’s workshops for help with your application, interview preparation or job search strategies. For more information and current workshops please visit:



Community Services Sector in Werribee

Community Services Employer panel
30 October 2017

Panel members:      

Shara Thisananthan (HR Partner) – Wyndham City
Jaicy Kumar (Business Services Manager) – Wyndham Community and Education Centre

Hosted by:                  The Skills and Jobs Centre, Gordon TAFE, Werribee

The Community Services employer panel provided an opportunity for Gordon students and Skills & Jobs Centre participants interested in a career in Community Services to gain an insight into the sector and what employers are looking for in potential employees.  Below is an overview of what it’s like to work in the community services sector and information, tips and tricks from our panel.

Make a real difference in people’s lives

Working in community services, you have an immediate and profound impact on the welfare of vulnerable people.

Every single day you make a difference to the quality of people’s lives. Your actions help those who are struggling the most to build better lives, and to give them hope for a brighter future.

You also help to build stronger, more inclusive communities.

What an amazing career. Can you imagine the job satisfaction you would get from that?!

Job variety: one qualification, lots of roles

Unlike a lot of other sectors, community services gives employees a huge selection of client areas to work in.

This means that you can try out a number of different areas, before settling on the one that you are really passionate about. It also gives you room to move if you feel stagnant in a particular job or area.

Client areas in the community services sector include:

  • Aged care
  • Disability services
  • Indigenous and multicultural support
  • Asylum seekers and refugee services
  • Mental health and counselling
  • Child protection
  • Family services
  • Schools
  • Emergency relief
  • Youth justice


Panel insights and career story – Jaicy Kumar

Wyndham CEC has been providing educational programs and community services to the local community for 40 years.  Wyndham CEC offers a range of programs and services that include: pre-accredited and accredited training courses and community programs for individuals between the ages of 15 and 64 from a broad cross section of the community with a strong emphasis on the disadvantaged, youth, refugee and humanitarian entrants, and other new and emerging communities.

The types of opportunities that may be available are mainly associated with teaching, caseworkers and business including facilities management, bookkeeping and HR.  There are also volunteering opportunities.

What we look for when recruiting:

>Interest in the sector
>Industry knowledge
>People skills
>Team work

When recruiting for a vacancy, the HR department advertise firstly to the volunteer pool, networks and then externally online.

Personal Career Story – Shara Thisananthan

Shara graduated with a bachelor degree in Information Systems from Melbourne University and secured an entry level role for two years with Baker’s Delight in HR/Finance/Production.  Shara then moved to Wyndham and applied for a role in Aged Care/Disability wanting some work life balance and a job in the local community.  Whilst she wasn’t success in gaining the first role, she was offered another role as the employer could see potential.  She worked in Administration support and was able to demonstrate commitment along with many other transferable skills, and was subsequently offered an ongoing role.  Shara reassessed her career again and after returning to work after some maternity leave applied for an internal role that became available in HR and Administration.  Shara’s current role is Business Partner.

Shara’s tips

>Continue to learn and develop new skills (more flexible training/courses are now available online)
>Be open minded and embrace change
>Demonstrate commitment and passion

Panel insights and career story – Shara Thisananthan  

Wyndham City are located across Werribee, Tarneit and Point Cook with a focus on diversity, culture within the community, being progressive and dynamic, and working in partnership. 

Recruitment Process

>Wyndham Careers website (job alerts may be set up)
>Online application process
>Positions may also be advertised on Seek and in local papers
>Tertiary placements may also be arranged – contact relevant area
>Information and tips about resume, cover letter and key selection criteria
>Shortlisting process
>Interview (3 parts) 1) Questions, 2) Behavioural Interview (use STAR technique) 3) Technical questions specific to role.
>Pre-employment check – Police check, Working with Children, and sometimes a Psychometric test assessment.
>Referee check

Personal Career story – Jaicy 

Jaicy began her career as a scientist in intellectual property and litigation.  She was very interested and passionate about the community sector, in particular Social Enterprise and organisations such as Saffron Kitchen, and was involved and volunteered for five years.

This experience and passion led Jaicy to apply for her current business role.  Jaicy promoted and demonstrated her commitment and passion in her application.  Jaicy also demonstrated and included her strengths and transferable skills.

>Ask HR for feedback
>Apply your transferable skills to the role
>Tailor your resume for each role
>Spend time on your application
>Attention to detail
>Build skills

Insights into Recruitment Agencies

First things first, let’s get this recruitment concept right!

Recruiters in this instance (on today’s panel) are what you call Recruitment Service Firms. They are commercial in nature and hired to serve the needs of their paying clients by sourcing the best possible candidate. They are not career coaches or job search providers, but a fast paced business required to meet the employment needs of organisations at all levels at any time.

Unlike a jobactive job seeking agency, recruitment firms are not funded by the government, but by a variety of businesses looking to find the perfect match for their employee needs. If you approach a recruitment agency it is essential that you know why and what you are applying for. Ensuring you have tailored your resume and answered the specific key selection criteria closely is crucial. Recruiters are busy people and resumes with no relevant content, criteria or qualifications WILL BE immediately discarded.

One tip from James at Hays was not to over engineer your resume. Keeping it simple and factual without any images, photos or fancy fonts is important. Define any achievements or responsibilities you have had with clear evidence, and utilise and reflect key words throughout your resume. If the employer wants their steak medium rare with a tartar sauce, an overcooked lamb roast with gravy will not cut the mustard.

Recruitment companies specialise in different genres of work, so make it your business to know why you are approaching that company and what brand you are selling. There is really no point going to a recruitment company that specialises in project management if you are going for a customer service role, or a plumbing position if they excel in IT managers. Jean Paul from Direct Recruitment also added that it is important to be honest in your application. You may embellish a little here and there, but do not make up your skills set, reference or qualifications. A recruitment company will not be happy if they go to great lengths to line you up an interview and it is built on fabrications, particularly when their reputation is at stake.

If you do find what seems to be a good fit between yourself and a recruitment agency, ensure you register online and upload your resume for their files. This is a simple and effective way of ensuring you are on their radar. Signing up for alerts, knowing what’s “hot” and what’s “not” and exercising your LinkedIn daily is important. Hays and Harvest recruitment both stated that they actively pursue potential candidates from LinkedIn and Seek daily. They head hunt for the best clients and if you are not registered with the larger networking services it lessens your chances of being noticed. A large number of recruitment agencies have purchased direct access to the Seek portal, so they can view each and every resume that’s uploaded daily.  This passive way of seeking work online can be really successful and the best part about it is no-one need know you are even looking.


  • Do not apply for too many positions advertised within one agency if you are not genuinely suited to the position. We know there are expectations from Centrelink and Jobactives to fulfil a certain amount of positions per month, but your name may become synonymous with wasting the recruiter’s time. A bit like the boy who cried wolf, they may start to think you are not really serious about any of your job seeking efforts.
  • Recruiters are constantly busy, they may be expected to come up with an employee for a client with just 24 hours’ notice. Do not demand answers as to why you were unsuccessful, try a more amicable approach. “Could you suggest a time I may be able to speak to John, would it be ok if I emailed for further information” etc.
  • Utilise bullet points, key words, key skills and key competencies on the front page. You may only get 10 seconds to catch the recruiter’s eye, so make the main thing, the main thing. 
  • Compress all your job application documents into one if need be. There may be no way to upload a cover letter or selection criteria separately, so compile all your documents, starting with the cover letter first, resume, then Key Selection Criteria (KSC). If a graphic or visual portfolio is required, an entirely separate application will be requested.
  • Everyone loves Arial (I confess so do I ) and at 10 or 11 points it’s the favourite font. Do not use any fancy, funny or fluffy font or graphics. It will be binned!!! A recruitment agency will in fact reformat your original to this font for an employer. So ensure you don’t PDF your documents, as they will not be able to edit or reformat for their purposes.
  • Use the recruitment interview as practice for the major interview with the employer. Any questions you may struggle with or ponder such as salary, weaknesses, fears etc. ensure you tackle at your interview with the Recruitment Company. They want you to SHINE and they are paid to find a successful and wonderful candidate.

So now you have your head around the basics, a few tips about our three panelists today.


Hays have offices in around 32 countries, having originally set up in Geelong in 2007, they now cover the entire south western district including Ballarat and Bendigo.

  • Hays cover a variety of positions from IT, Project Management, Marketing, Communications, Accounting, Payroll, Book-keeping, Admin, Personal Assistants, Customer Service and the Government Sector. They also have a dedicated recruiter to place candidates in Engineering, Building, Labouring, and other blue collar related professions.
  • Clients include: NDIA, TAC, WORKSAFE, DEAKIN, and many local councils and state government.
  • Jobs range from temporary to permanent.

HARVEST RECRUITMENT is a Geelong based recruitment company founded by Maree Herath in 2009.

  • Harvest’s niche market largely consists of specialist, technical and executive specialists. Recruitment may be in areas of engineering, oil, gas and other major companies.
  • They may be looking for directors, CEO’s, CFO’s, accountants, lawyers and consultants.
  • 80% of positions sought by their employers are permanent. Unlike some other recruitment companies, Harvest also do career coaching seminars, write professional resumes and run work related workshops.

NOTE: Harvest did cite that there is currently a shortage of accountants and procurement specialists in our region and if you have those skills and/or are thinking of upgrading those skills, it is worth your while forwarding your resume for this very reason. Geelong is a highly competitive and saturated market in some sectors so ensure you look where the skills shortages are.

Harvest recruitment are the only Geelong based panelist for WORKSAFE, so ensure if that’s where your interest lies pursue them accordingly.


Jean Paul is the Business Development Manager of Direct Recruitment Geelong, and unlike its sister companies in Melbourne it specialises only in recruiting.

Direct Recruitment caters for those looking for work in;

  • Home and Community Care
  • Gardeners/Landscaping/ Labouring
  • City Greater Geelong, Golden Plains Shire, Surf Coast Shire
  • Warehousing, Food and Chemical industries
  • Has an exclusive contract with Simonds Stadium and Kardinia Park to cater for all needs related to game day. So if you love the “Cats” make sure your register for an opportunity.

For assistance with job applications, or to find out more about Recruitment Agencies in Geelong, contact The Gordon Skills & Jobs Centre. 

Not Getting an Interview? Your Resume May be to Blame.

In my current role I have seen countless participants applying for jobs they had both the skills and experience for, but who were continuously missing out on an interview. Not only was this incredibly frustrating for them, it was also a blow to their confidence. Receptionists, project managers, personal care workers, chefs and engineers alike, they were all incredibly well qualified for the roles they were applying for. They also had one other thing in common – their resume was letting them down.

Problem #1 – Their resume was out-of-date

A resume is not a static document, it should always be evolving. Not only does the information within it need to be continuously updated, the overall structure of the document needs to move with the times. For example, whilst it was all the rage at one point to include a cover page with “RESUME OF…” emblazoned across it in 72 point font, in this day and age all that will do is make an employer roll their eyes and skip straight past your application. This is definitely not the kind of first impression you want to be making!

You also should make sure you resume is visually modern. Employers can and will make an initial judgement of your application based on how it looks, all without reading a single piece of text. Clean, clear sections with lots of white space are the order of the day whilst graphics, bright colours and borders should be banished immediately.

Problem #2 – Their resume was not properly targeted

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when applying for jobs is not correctly targeting their resume to the position they are applying for. Including irrelevant information, such as incomplete qualifications from a different industry, makes it harder for employers to quickly assess how suitable you are for the role. Make their job easier by ensuring all the information included is presented in a way that highlights just how great a fit for the role you are.

Speaking of how your information is presented, don’t underestimate the importance of how you order that information. There is no hard and fast rule that your employment history must come first. Whichever section is most relevant to the position should be listed first. For example, if you have previously worked in retail and are applying for a role in Aged Care, in which you have just completed training, then the Training section (and your relevant qualification) should be listed before your Work History.

Problem #3 – Their resume didn’t provide context

Whilst employers want to know what you have done in previous roles, it is not enough to simply list your tasks. What you really need to do is highlight the skills you demonstrated as part of that duty. So, for example, rather than stating “Completed maintenance logs” you should say something like “Accurately completed electronic maintenance logs and other related documentation for reporting purposes”. This shows that you can accurately enter data, have attention to detail, have reasonable IT skills and are experienced with reporting.

Problem #4 – Their experience was not quantified

Employers love figures when reviewing applications, it helps give them a clear idea of exactly what level of experience someone has had. For example, if an applicant simply states “Increased traffic to organisation website” the employer would immediately ask “by how much?” Was it 1%, 2%? That’s not very impressive. Over what time period? 6 months? A year? Without these details the statement means nothing.

A far better way of stating the same thing is to say “Increased traffic to organisation website by 15% over a 2 month period”. This takes the guess work out and shows the employer exactly what you have achieved.

If you have been applying for countless jobs and not getting a single call back, try these tips – I guarantee your phone will soon be ringing off the hook!

By Christina Matthews. 

If you need help updating your resume, book in for one of the Skills & Jobs Centre resume workshops in Geelong or Werribee.

Insights into Volunteering – good for you, good for your career.

In recognition of National Volunteer Week in May the Skills and Jobs Centre held an ‘Insights into Volunteering’ industry panel where participants heard from 3 local organisations in the volunteering sector – Volunteering Geelong, Diversitat and Karingal/St. Laurence. They discussed their organisations, types of volunteering, what they look for in a volunteer and the process to become one. Here is a brief rundown of the key points mentioned during the session.

Volunteering Geelong

Volunteering Geelong is the peak body for volunteering in the Geelong region covering City of Greater Geelong, Golden Plains, Surf Coast and the Colac Otway Shires with over 400 organisations registered with them. They have successfully matched over 5,000 volunteers to relevant organisations, as Jason Doherty the Acting Manager light-heartedly called it, “Volunteer Dating”. They will assist a potential volunteer by matching them with a suitable organisation that would benefit from the volunteers time, skills, abilities or interests and provide them both with all the information and support needed during their volunteering commitment.  Right now is a great time to get in contact with Volunteering Geelong with over 450 current vacancies for volunteers listed on their website.

People can volunteer their time anywhere from:

  • Arts/Culture/Heritage
  • Children & Youth
  • Disability Services
  • Education
  • Emergency Services
  • Environment/Conservation
  • Ethnic Community
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Recreation
  • Seniors/Aged Care
  • Projects
  • Events

In 2012 Volunteering Geelong also introduced ‘Bite-Size Volunteering’, a program designed for people who are unable to commit to regular volunteering. ‘Bite-Size Volunteering’ offers flexible or project based volunteering where you work on a short term project at times and days that suit you and the organisation.

As long as you meet the minimum age requirement of 15 and pass required Police checks then there is no limit what you can do and how old you can be as a volunteer, depending on the need. You can even volunteer to help volunteers!


Diversitat is a not-for-profit organisation and charity also known as Geelong Ethnic Communities Council and they offer services in refugee/migrant settlement, community development, youth services, aged support, training as well as various arts and events. Diversitat also manage The Pulse radio, Wholefoods café, The Oppe Shoppe, Diversitat Training and run events such as The Pako Festa.

According to Monica Baulch from Diversitat, they currently have 600 volunteers registered with them and approximately 1600 clients but there is always a need for more volunteers and there are many ways in which you can help. Often a volunteer is needed to provide a link to the community for refugees and migrants with programs such as the Orientation Program where volunteers assist with basic skills like using public transport or their ‘Homework Club’ where volunteers help children with their school readers. A volunteer can also assist with home tutoring, the 12 week ‘Driver Practice Program’, the ‘Housing Support Program’ or even with netball, soccer, yoga and other sports.

Monica stated the process for becoming a volunteer with Diversitat takes between 6 to 8 weeks and includes a satisfactory police check, an interview, reference checks and cultural awareness training. To be successful a volunteer will need to be passionate about making a difference, be able to share their personal skills and ways they can help, be empathetic, have no prejudices and be able to build relationships through a 12 month commitment.

Diversitat will see the arrival of 200 – 300 new refugee clients in the upcoming months so if you think this could be a perfect fit for you then I highly recommend you give them a call or attend their next information session in July.

(KSL) Karingal / St. Laurence

Karingal and St. Laurence have recently merged after being 2 separate entities to become KSL, a not-for-profit organisation which provides many support services in disability, aged care, mental health and related services and training.  They are located through-out Victoria, Queensland and South Australia providing support for people to engage in the community.

Maddie Kirwan from KSL stated that some of the important ways that you can volunteer with them is with their “buddy system” which involves spending time with their clients via shared interests. This could include simply going to the park or the movies or the art gallery or just any activity you both enjoy, KSL also accept volunteers in their ‘Do Care’ Program in their Aged Care section where people are asked to volunteer on a monthly basis. To be successful in becoming a volunteer for KSL you must possess a passion for assisting clients achieve their individual goals, must show empathy, reliability, understanding, care and be flexible to client needs. Volunteers are expected to commit at least 2 hours per week for a 12 month period to provide consistency in building relationships with their clients.

KSL’s process for becoming one of their volunteers is through making an enquiry, an interview and then subsequent application where you will be required to undergo a ‘Police Check’ and obtain a ‘Working With Children Check’. KSL will provide various training elements and ongoing support to all their volunteers to ensure the best quality support possible.

Why should you volunteer?

The benefits of volunteering can be endless in not only the satisfaction of helping others in need, improving your own mental and physical health but also in developing avenues to employment. Studies show some of these benefits include;

  • gaining new skills and knowledge
  • possible pathways to employment
  • networking and building relationships
  • providing career/work experience
  • enjoying a sense of achievement and fulfilment
  • personal development and improving self-confidence
  • enhancing social skills and work skills
  • enjoying better physical and mental health
  • connecting to and better understanding your community
  • bringing meaning and purpose to your life

If you feel like you would like to get involved as a volunteer or believe you have something to offer, then I encourage you to get in contact with any of these organisations or speak with the friendly staff at The Skills and Jobs Centre who can guide you in the right direction.

Quote – “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”  Barack Obama


Volunteering Geelong

(03) 5221 1377


(03) 5221 6044

Karingal/St. Laurence

(03) 5249 8900

What does a career in Logistics and Warehousing look like?

The Skills and Jobs Centre recently hosted an employer panel for those who may be interested in working in logistics and warehousing.  The panel provided an overview of their respective organisations and provided insights into the industry, current opportunities, skills and qualifications required and some handy tips about the recruitment process.

The panel members included:

  • Arthur Hodgson – (Manager – Distribution) Cotton On Group
  • Craig Cochrane – (Operations Manager) Grain Corp

Arthur began his career at Cotton On Group ten years ago as a Manager for Logistics and Warehousing, and has witnessed the company grow from a staff of 50 to over 19,000 world-wide.  Arthur could see Cotton On was growing quickly and managed the Body brand in distribution.  He has always had a good relationship with his staff and has seen the warehouse move from North Geelong to Lara, overseeing the warehouse move to Avalon in the near future.

Arthur has recruited 200+ staff during the past ten years in Distribution from a number of organisations/partners and backgrounds including Northern Futures and post Ford employees.

Online shopping has seen a great deal of growth and now Cotton On dispatch up to 200,000 units each day and in December during the peak Christmas sales Cotton On can dispatch 2.5-3 million units.

Cotton On Group in a snapshot

Job opportunities

  • 80% full time and 20% casual (with opportunities to move into full time work).
  • Recruitment in October for the Christmas period is high.  A third of business for Cotton On is done in December.

Types of roles available in Distribution Centres

The Distribution Centres, located across the globe, offer roles ranging from retail support officers, productivity team leaders, pickers, supervisors and dispatch team leaders to inventory team leaders and casuals.  Meet some of the people at Cotton On.

Work environment and physical requirements

  • Temperature ranges from hot in summer to cold in winter.  (Heat policy applies)
  • Dusty conditions.
  • Pickers can walk up to 12 km per day.
  • Hours are generally 6 am – 2 pm.

Qualifications and aptitude

  • Relevant qualifications/certificates (training available and provided for the right people).
  • Good work ethic.

How to apply

  • Live jobs are on the Cotton On website.
  • Expressions of Interest – Upload your resume and ensure you continue to demonstrate you are looking for an opportunity or drop resume off and introduce yourself (Tip – be persistent and professional in your approach).

Further advice and information

  • If you can learn and are prepared to work hard, Cotton On will provide training and support is available for the right people who show initiative.
  • Business is run on KPI’s.  Every employee should hit their KPI.
  • Flexibility is available to move around the organisation.
  • Cotton On pays 5% above award.
  • Negotiated rostered day off.

Tips and Tricks – Application

  • Keep resume basic, tailored and highlight relevant skills.
  • Include all relevant licences – Fork Lift Licence, Heavy Rigid Licence.


  • Cotton On often conduct Group Interviews.
  • Be your genuine self, team player, presentation is important.

For more information and opportunities, visit Cotton On Careers.

Craig is a Dairy Farmer from the Bega Valley.  At 28, Craig had a life change and received a call from GrainCorp and was offered a role in operations.  Sixteen years later, Craig has worked up from Supervisor to Manager and currently works as the Operation Manager across Victoria.  During this time GrainCorp have supported Craig and put him through University.

GrainCorp is a leading international agribusiness and food-ingredients processor, with a diverse range of operations that span four continents and supply customers in over 30 countries. The offering of grain storage, handling, marketing and malt & oil-seeds processing operations help their valued customers meet the demands of a rapidly growing global population.

At GrainCorp, people are the heart of everything they do. They are committed to enhancing the high performing team by developing a skilled workforce and encouraging diversity of both people and thinking. ‘It’s great for you, and it’s great for our customers’.

GrainCorp Vision and Values

Storage and Logistics

As a leading Australian agribusiness, GrainCorp has a diverse range of grain storage, handling, marketing and processing operations.  Through the integrated supply chain they market grain to local and global markets, and are a large buyer of grain for malt, edible oils and flour processing business.

Geelong operation

  • 120 people employed (highly casualised due to the nature of seasonal work, need and availability is dictated by rain).
  • Casual employees can continue to work on casual basis for 3-4 years.
  • Lots of overtime available during busy periods.


  • Team based and family orientated
  • Self-regulated
  • Right attitude, taking responsibility for actions
  • Good work ethic
  • Awareness of safety

Employment Opportunities and types of roles

There are opportunities for those with a good work ethic in Logistics and Supply Chain.

  • Bulk Grain, Drum Malt, Wood Chips
  • Broom and Shovel
  • Machine and Front End Loaders
  • Technical and lab roles available (training can be provided)

GrainCorp encourage those from different backgrounds to apply.

Working Environment
Hot environment (regular breaks and water intake encouraged).

Recruitment Drive
The next recruitment drive in Geelong will be in October ready for the November/December harvest.

  • GrainCorp Careers page
  • Geelong Advertiser
  • Seek
  • Word of Mouth
  • In person – encourage those genuinely seeking an opportunity to drop in to Reception/Front desk to introduce themselves and hand in a general cover letter/resume.

Tips for applications

  • Cover letter (required)
  • Resume (short, succinct and relevant)
  • Demonstrate teamwork, ability to engage and good communication skills

Visit GrainCorp Careers page for more information about current and upcoming opportunities.

If you are interested in a career in Warehousing & Logistics, make an appointment with one of the advisors at the Skills & Jobs Centre for further information.

How Geelong’s Manufacturing Opportunities are changing. What’s next?

It is often hard to accept change. However Geelong has thrived on change.

  • In the early 1840’s, Geelong focused on growing world class wool in the Western District and around Geelong, exporting through a busy port and manufacturing at the woolen mills.
  • From 1925, Geelong was the centre of Ford’s manufacturing facilities followed by Alcoa and Shell.
  • From WW1 until now, industries in Geelong have boomed, plateaued, slowed and collapsed. Many jobs have been lost, for example, at International Harvester and recently, at Ford. Other events such as the collapse of the Pyramid Building Society in the 1990′s, hit the Geelong region hard.
  • Each time, Geelong has set about re-forming. Thousands of new jobs have been created in health, education, the service industry, retail, business, hospitality and tourism.

Now manufacturing is re-focusing in new areas and in new ways.

Recently, Lili Ruiz from Carbon Revolution, Carl de Koning from Quickstep and Jenny Perks from the Geelong Manufacturing Council, spoke on one area of new manufacturing opportunities, to participants at the Skills & Jobs Centre.

Carbon Revolution has grown from 40 employees to 110 employees and are now globally focused on supplying specialist parts to the Auto and Aerospace industries. They:

  • Developed a light, one piece, carbon fibre wheel, which has led to improved fuel efficiency.
  • Employ teams of engineers, industrialists and scientists, particularly materials specialists.
  • Have roles in Geelong and a small number in the UK, Germany and USA.
  • Offer roles in production for process operators, leading hands, product developers, engineers, composite technicians, fitters and turners as well as roles in accounts, finance and sales.
  • Will need more staff and technical support from trades such as electricians and composite technicians, warehousing, OH&S and environmental workers.

Who and what are they looking for?

  • Ex-Ford workers who are familiar with processes and manufacturing environments could be employable, however they will also benefit from completing a course such as ‘Use of Carbon Fibre in Composite Materials’ (a 7 week course @ The Gordon).
  • Personal skills such as Initiative, Innovation, Progressive, Enthusiasm, Conscientiousness and a Strong Work Ethic.
  • A focus on producing quality products and high standards of safety.
  • The right people (which means they suit the company and know about THAT company).

Quickstep is a publicly listed Small to Medium employer, focused on Aerospace manufacturing of parts for wings, tails and complex assemblages. They are trying to achieve lightweight, better performing parts and reduce costs in areas such as portable x-ray machines and aircraft & vehicles parts. They:

  • Developed a process of making parts with significantly reduced manufacturing curing/cooking time.
  • Use composite fabrics (resin and fibre, or concrete and fibreglass) which are placed into moulds and then heated.
  • Employ 25 people and are about 18 months behind Carbon Revolution.
  • Need technicians, process engineers, industrial engineers (particularly automotive), trades and production operators, particularly those with skills in composite materials.
  • Regard it as essential for people to have a blend of technical and operational skills.
  • Need people with a blend of skills, such as experience in the textile or automotive industry or an understanding of resin composites.
  • Expect there will be future opportunities for growth.

Who are they looking for?

  • People who are flexible. The process will not involve working at one work station however similar skills will be required.
  • Completing the ‘Use of Carbon Fibre in Composite Manufacturing’ training package would be relevant.
  • Currently Geelong is the region where production is taking place but in the future if there is a large order for parts in China they will re-direct equipment and processes to that location.
  • He noted that the growth of other manufacturing processes, such as food and wine are focused on local markets.
  • The future for jobs is increasingly technical, with increased automation, and requiring a breadth of skills such as a combination of mechanical, electrical, engineering and computer science.
  • People who are interested in the right solutions designed to fit customers.
  • The company is focused on ingenuity rather than high volume production

How to prepare for applications:

Carbon Revolution:

  • Focus on Selection Criteria: skills need to be clear, as does the reason why you want to work with them, and previous skills gained in manufacturing.
  • A relevant course would be an advantage.


  • Persistence, follow up email, addressing skills required, demonstrate that you know the company are innovative and motivated.

Geelong Manufacturing Council:

  • Stressed that new areas will be important to the future growth of businesses in Geelong.
  • Emphasised networking, promotion, awareness and understanding of new opportunities at a national and international level, will be crucial for a healthy future.

If you are interested in finding out more about manufacturing in Geelong, book a free appointment with one of the Skills & Jobs Centre advisors. 

How I got my first job in Australia.

‘After recently arriving in Australia with my husband and spending six months in Canberra, we moved to Geelong in October 2016.  My professional background is in Sales and I worked in a marketing role for three years in Mumbai, where I also completed a Master’s degree.

I came across the Skills and Jobs Centre (SaJC) when I was shopping at Westfield late last year. I was curious and I wanted to find out what the Skills and Jobs Centre did.  I approached the reception and chatted to Lucinda about my situation.  I explained I was new to the country and needed assistance to understand the job market and how to get a job.  Lucinda made an appointment for me to see her to discuss what types of employment opportunities were in Geelong, the types of industries and what employers are looking for in regards to qualifications, experience, skills and soft skills.  We also discussed job search strategies and Lucinda provided information and tips about how to market myself and develop a good resume and cover letter.  Lucinda also provided lots of resources including job websites, tools and information to assist me in developing job search skills.

I started looking for a job with my updated resume and I was invited to my first group interview.  I made another appointment and we practiced possible group interview questions and things to practice – tips and advice on what to expect at a group interview.  I wasn’t successful in this instance, but in the meantime I secured a job at a jewellery store as a casual sales consultant in November.  After gaining some initial advice, my strategy was to work casually while looking for more relevant opportunities with my marketing background.

I continued looking for opportunities, and in February I applied for a role with K-Rock as Sales Coordinator.  I applied and was invited to an interview.  I was successful and offered the job.  I was very happy.  I couldn’t wait to tell Lucinda and she stayed in touch to ensure I was settling in well.  I started work at K Rock and have been very well supported and trained in my role.  It is a very friendly team and a very positive and supportive environment to work in.  I really enjoy my job and I feel part of the team.  I am looking forward to growing and succeeding in this role and looking towards future opportunities.  I am a member of the K Rock Social Club and we enjoy lunch, dinner or a movie each month.

My experience with the SaJC provided me with confidence and I was given lots of support from Lucinda, such as learning important things about Australian culture and what to expect in a workplace.  I wasn’t sure how I would settle in but Lucinda provided lots of support and reassurance during my job search and transition into a job.  Now that I have a job, I feel part of the Geelong community, I am making friends and enjoying weekends with my husband.

My advice to anybody who is looking for their first job in Australia is to try and find a suitable opportunity and take it, even if it’s not the ideal role.  While doing this, continue to look for the job in the industry that you would really like to work for.  If you are feeling lost, try and find someone to talk to about how to find work, culture or support.  I would recommend coming to the Skills and Jobs Centre for support and to learn about new skills to apply for jobs.  Try and maintain a positive attitude and be open to learning and understanding the new ways in Australia.  Talk to as many people as you can and network so that you can learn about Geelong and the job market.’

My tip: “Think good, do good and speak good” – Lubna

Careers in Community Services!

Recently, the Skills & Jobs Centre hosted an Industry Q&A on the Community Service Sector in Geelong.

Panel members included:

  • Tara Lodge – HR, Barwon Child, Youth & Family
  • Toni Gauntlett – Manager, Family & Community Services, Barwon Child, Youth & Family
  • Christine Brooks – Networker, Barwon Network of Neighbourhood Houses
  • Cathy Walker – Community Development, City of Greater Geelong


  • 315 employees in Geelong and Colac
  • Only 15% of workers are male
  • Merged to include a breadth of platforms to deliver services to families
  • Focus on prevention and early intervention
  • Early education, including at home care, foster care and residential
  • Youth space includes justice and homelessness
  • Headspace came on board last year
  • Lots of different opportunities
  • Roles are based on funding, so don’t be put off by contract positions.
  • Family friendly employer, including the following options, which can be discussed at interview:
    • Job Share
    • ADO’s
    • Purchased Leave
    • Negotiable start & end times/hours worked
    • School Hours
    • Time in Lieu options
  • Professional development & training calendar with lots of opportunities. Study leave is offered to continue study and upskill.

Key Attributes

  • Teamwork – supporting each other.
  • Emotional Intelligence – working with people to empower them, not doing but helping, working through it with them.

Job Opportunities

  • From Childcare to Mental Health Nurses, Support Workers
  • Bus Driver vacancy currently advertised
  • Offers student placements
  • Volunteering – Coordinator will match with areas in need.
    • Home tutoring
    • Supporting refugees
    • Foster Care Program
    • Volunteers to offer mentoring to help with homework or to take on outings e.g. fishing.
    • Contact Janet Mannix, the Volunteering Coordinator
  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
    • Headspace
    • Youth Program in AOD
    • AOD Unit – Specialist Services
  • Casual Jobs – advertised the same as ongoing positions and often based on funding.

How to apply

  • All vacancies are advertised on the website.
  • Also advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, SEEK, Ethical Jobs and Deakin Jobshop.
  • Email your resume.
  • Must address Key Selection Criteria and it needs to be relevant to the Position Description.
  • Outline what you can bring to the role.
  • Need to have volunteer experience if you have no experience.
  • Spell check and proof read.
  • Can only apply online.
  • Read the instructions.
  • For Youth Services, need a Cert III or IV in Youth Services.
  • For Childcare, a Cert III in Children’s Services.
  • Looking for the right candidate, rather than hours you can commit, so contact them as they may be flexible.

Helpful Tips

  • Volunteer if you have something to offer.
  • Think about your life experience and how that might help someone else.
  • Can’t teach you to be a good person, so present your personality in all stages of recruitment (telephone call, interview etc.)
  • Looking at the person, rather than the qualification.


  • 27 Neighbourhood Houses in the Barwon Region
  • All Neighbourhood Houses are very different, as they respond to the needs of the community, ‘If you’ve been to 1 Neighbourhood House, you’ve been to 1 Neighbourhood house!’
  • For example, Queenscliff offers specific Arts programs.
  • Neighbourhood Houses are a central place to go for whatever you are interested in.
  • Offers a central location to search all of the neighbourhood houses.
  • All Centres run youth programs.

Key Attributes

  • Flexibility
  • Responsive to needs
  • Open
  • Approachable
  • Welcoming & Inclusive
  • Adaptable
  • Professionalism
  • Personality

Job Opportunities

  • Co-ordinators to run the houses – 3 or 4 houses will be advertising for Coordinators in the next few months.
  • Tutors run classes in a range of areas, including:
    • Technology, iPads
    • Cert III, IV & Diploma courses
  • Volunteer opportunities – members are encouraged to volunteer and also become tutors. If you have an interest or skill, go to a Neighbourhood House to offer your skills. Also advertised through Volunteering Geelong and Give Where You Live.
  • Childcare – both volunteer and paid positions. The Lorne Neighbourhood House is currently advertising for a Childcare Assistant.
  • Gardeners – volunteer or paid positions.
  • Reception/Administration.
  • Wide variety of opportunities – make contact with your local Neighbourhood House to find out about opportunities.
  • Help with resume writing, interview skills and gaining employment.
  • Youth Programs – always looking for volunteers.

How to apply

  • Need to address Key Selection Criteria (won’t interview if not addressed).
  • Advertise in the Geelong Advertiser, Colac Herald and local papers (e.g. Echo & Surf Coast Times).
  • Advertise on Ethical Jobs and sometimes on SEEK.
  • Ads will also go out through the Neighbourhood House network.
  • Posted on Social Media, including Facebook.

Key Tips

  • Personality is more important than qualifications.
  • No matter what your experience, think about what skills you learnt in that experience. For example, if you worked at KFC, think about the skills and qualities – customer service, team work etc.


  • 2nd biggest employer in the Geelong region
  • Employs 2,500 people
  • Community Development area includes:
    • Case Management.
    • Supporting communities in need with a focus on Whittington, Corio, Norlane and Grovedale.
    • Developing Drug & Alcohol and Gambling Policy.
    • Promoting Diversity in the Community.
    • Police Based Team – works on the principle that there is nothing wrong with people, but that the system has gaps.
    • Working with services, like neighbourhood houses, on social enterprise and training.
    • Digital Inclusion Project in 3219 postcode – looking at the issue of low socio-economic areas having less digital inclusion, was previously externally funded but has now been funded by local council.
    • Understanding local and national policy and how that impacts on people.
    • Advocating to get change.
  • Flexible employer, including options for:
    • Weekend work – festivals, events etc.
    • Working from home
    • Co-working spaces
    • Communicating in a variety of forms

Key Attributes

  • Non-judgmental
  • It is your whole life, not just your 9 to 5
  • Passionate
  • Fresh perspective
  • Commitment to social justice

Job Opportunities

  • Volunteering
    • L2P
    • YouthCan
  • Student Placements
  • Employs students and casual workers
  • Youth Work
  • Roads, Rates and Rubbish
  • Casual opportunities in the youth area
  • Traineeships

How to apply

  • Advertised on Social Media & Online.
  • Advertised in CAOS – weekly newsletter in Norlane/Corio that reaches 500 people.
  • Advertised online on SEEK, Ethical Jobs and Info Exchange Jobseeker website.
  • Need to have a Working with Children Check and Police Check
  • Looking for who you are and that you have an understanding of what’s required.
  • The contact name is always listed, so make contact with them, and ask 3 relevant questions, so they can look out for your name.

Helpful Tips

  • Networks are fundamental.
  • Work to build your reputation.
  • Subscribe to council newsletters from the website.
  • Don’t necessarily have to have the qualifications. Apply anyway if you have the skills and make the phone call to clarify with the hiring manager.

Industry Tips

  • The industry is short of people, with a particular shortage in male role models.
  • Casual and contract opportunities are ok as they can lead to more permanent work and get your foot in the door!
  • Recruitment is more focused on who you are and what you are passionate about, rather than qualifications. You need to be the right type of person.