Industry Insights into Disability Support Services

Do you love helping people? Why not become a disability support worker? 

Thanks to the recently established National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), health care and social assistance was expected to deliver a quarter of a million new jobs by 2024, although this was before Covid. 

Gateways Support Services and Encompass Community Services are currently recruiting with entry-level positions in the Geelong area. More good news is that you do not need a qualification but must be eager to work alongside people with a disability trying to live their best lives.

Passion and a great attitude are all you need to get started, as Jacinta Randall from Encompass and Bronwyn Sizer from Gateways told an online industry jobseeker forum hosted by the Gordon Skills and Job Centre on 18th February. 

Recruits can often work flexible hours with shifts which fit around study, children’s school pick up times or part-time work. They can especially suit career changers, parents returning to work and tertiary students studying allied health or teaching.  

It is essential to research organisations to see which suits you best. 

Gateways Support Services specialises in managing autism and ADHD with clients aged 2 to 92 and around 60 support workers to help them reach their goals. Staff work in either the organisation’s 22 accommodation settings, people’s homes, therapy sessions or accessing in the community, so a driver’s licence, first aid certificate and the ability to work independently are necessary. 

Bronwyn began in the industry as a classroom teacher interested in helping her special needs students before training adults with disabilities then into her current role as Individual Support and Recreation Manager at Gateways.  

Encompass caters to young adult school leavers and older participants who mostly attend day programs held from 9am to 3pm on weekdays. The Programs are based in Garden St, East Geelong to The Paddock, a 7-acre urban farm in Leopold, and social enterprises in Whittington such as Homestart Preloved Furniture and two opportunity shops. They also offer weekend respite, travel groups and several accommodation homes. 

Jacinta started at Encompass as a casual support worker in the day program before taking her full-time role, including welcoming and supervising placement students from many allied health courses. 

Jacinta said, “Support workers can use any personal skills and hobbies in sessions such as knitting and crafts, gardening, baking, farm work, ten pin bowling and other popular activities”. 

“This is not just a serious, caring industry. It is a lot of fun and not just one way,” said Bronwyn.  

Both organisations welcome volunteers, which can also become a pathway to work. For anyone inexperienced and lacking in confidence, this was the perfect way to gain insight into the role while accompanying paid staff to carry out their duties, Bronwen advised. 

Although entry-level support workers do not need a qualification, basic digital literacy skills and a drivers licence are essential for both organisations. Support is offered to work out how to use online timesheets, rosters and forms, accessed on an average smartphone or tablet. 

The minimum age for staff is 18 years old, and Bronwyn suggested that you will need to be available at least five hours per week for many employers, although this can be made up of shorter shifts. 

Both organisations offer recruits mentoring and encouragement to upskill to Certificate IV in Disability, provided locally at the Gordon TAFE and through other registered training organisations, including Encompass.  

What sort of person should apply for a position? 

Someone with a lot of patience, according to Jacinta, who said, “those who made the best support workers were people who were able to stand back and only step in once help was needed”. She explained the philosophy of Person Centered Active Support, which meant that a competent staff member would not take charge and chop an onion but rather talk someone through the process or provide hand over hand steadiness to allow them to chop it up themselves if that was needed.  

“They provide just enough assistance of the right kind to enable a person to succeed, in doing all or part of a task…You are supporting an individual to live their very best life,” she said. 

Jacinta recommended watching the late Stella Young’s Ted talk entitled ‘I am not your inspiration, thank you very much,’ for an insight into the social model of disability.  

“We want someone passionate, and we get a sense of that in your cover letter,” said Bronwyn, who interviews her potential staff. She added that active listening, good communication skills, flexibility and a “can-do” attitude are assets gained through previous roles in life, including parenting and studying or working in other industries. Transferrable skills like communication, risk management, customer service were essential to highlight in your application, plus any experience candidates had with friends or relatives living with a disability. 

Gateways have a strict process that allocated scores to cover letter, resume and key selection criteria documents. All must be written and checked before submission if you hope to be shortlisted and interviewed as a suitable candidate. 

“You will be nervous, but we understand and consider that. We are quite friendly, so try to let your personality out and get your passion across. We want your personality to shine,” said Bronwyn. 

Bronwyn’s tips for a great interview were: 

  • do your research into the organisation and its goals, the NDIA and the Disability Act, 
  • choose your referees well and advise them of the position you are applying for, 
  • be on time, 
  • look presentable, 
  • bring notes if needed. 

Host Lucinda Rodrigues, a careers practitioner, said that the Gordon Skills and Job Centre offered free: 

  • assistance and review of job applications, 
  • resume, key selection criteria, transferable skills and interview workshops, and 
  • private and confidential mock interviews. 

Fully qualified counsellors were available online and over the phone. 

So what are you waiting for? Get those applications in as soon as possible! 

Further references: 
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Industry Insights into Horticulture and Land Management

Considering a career in Horticulture or Land Management, but don’t know where to begin?

On Tuesday, February 16th, Wyndham City, with The Gordon Skills and Jobs Centre’s support, presented to the community about upcoming opportunities for work and education in Horticulture and Land Management industries. 

Horticulture and Land Management is about agriculture, gardens and gardening, landscaping and the environment. What we eat, where we live and work, the best use of our land, the soil, water and air to grow the best environment for our community. 

We were joined by industry experts currently working in the field, Taylah Scolaro from All Green Nursery, James Brincat from Parks Victoria and education representatives, Peter Fitzgerald from The Gordon and Brendan Bolton from AMES Australia.

We were thrilled to be hosting this event for the community to highlight the fantastic job opportunities available and the education offered via AMES and The Gordon, to pathway you into employment.

Taylah Scolaro from All Green explaied the business employs 100 staff across 3 sites in the Wyndham & Epping regions, and they are looking to expand. The family-owned and operated business pride themselves on their family environment and their quality services and products. Taylah joined the panel today and advised of the different roles in their business, what they’re looking for in potential employees and their application process. 

Various roles with All Green include:

  • Nursery Retail Sales Assistants, team leaders, managers
  • Landscape business Support positions (supporting with plant orders)
  • Propagation Team – Assistants, Maintenance of plants, Irrigation experts, Disease control. 

Day to day responsibilities for employees in the propagation team:

  • Cutting
  • Repotting
  • Machinery operations
  • Physical Labour

Taylah explains the expansion of their propagation site would hopefully see All Green supplying plants to the majority of the Nursery’s across the Wyndham region right down to Geelong. The development would open up employment opportunities for the local community. 

James Brincat, the Area Chief Ranger at Werribee Park, joined the panel to represent Parks Victoria. Parks Victoria manages around 18% of the wetlands, parks and Gardens in Victoria. They have a team of around 12-15 people working across Wyndham parks; Rangers and Horticultural Rangers.

James highlights that Certificate qualifications in Horticulture are a base-level entry requirement for securing work with the organisation. 

He suggests inquiring about their Seasonal Ranger program which can pathway you into secure employment with Parks Victoria. Here
Applications for this program are open towards the end of October/November. it can be very competitive, therefore having some training and experience prior to applying can make you stand out from the other applicants!

These opportunities seem too good to be true! But they’re not, and they’re ready now for you to express your interest and get involved!

AMES Australia has put together an Introduction to Horticulture and Land management pre-accredited training. This course will be great for those who want to build their industry language, skills for work and confidence to complete higher levels of education

If you think you need extra literacy and numeracy support before diving into accredited training, this course is for you! 

Brendan Bolton, who joined us on the panel will be facilitating the training. His intense knowledge of the industry and his hands-on experience will help you understand what’s involved in working in horticulture and land management and will almost certainly get you excited about moving on to the further training, or straight into employment. 

The next opportunity is one not to be missed. Peter Fitzgerald, the Program Manager of the EnviroTech department at The Gordon, has reached out to industry to find out what qualification are necessary for you to gain entry-level employment in horticulture and land management. 

With industry advice in mind, Peter has crafted a Horticulture and Land Management Short Course comprising 5 accredited units from the Certificate II in Horticulture. This part qualification will set you up for further education, or better yet employment with Horticulture partners around the Wyndham region.

To read more about these courses visit –

You can express your interest in either or both of these courses, and we will contact you about the next step! 

In closing, if you have a passion for gardening, would like a change of career, love working in team environments with ample support and guidance and enjoy working in the outdoors, this education to employment pathway is for you! 


Watch the full Industry Insights into Horticulture and Land Management session: Click here

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Parks Victoria
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Thank you to Josh Badenoch from Wyndham City for facilitating the session, and for his role in collaborating and coordinating the education and employment pathways for our community.

Thank you again to everyone who joined us!