Industry Insights into Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Apprenticeships and Traineeships.
What are they, and how can you start one ASAP?

Starting your career as an apprentice or trainee can lead to many career opportunities, and pathway you into in-demand, and well-paid industries. Read on to hear more about the alternative way to find the right apprenticeship or traineeship for you, and the job opportunities available now. 

If you are a hands-on learner, driven, and keen to earn money while you gain a qualification, an apprenticeship or traineeship could be for you. 

Are you thinking, Office Administration? There are traineeships available in this industry, work and study for 12 months and gain a Certificate III in Business Administration. What about Carpentry, work full time with an employer in the building industry, study 1 day per week, or for a full week once a month and gain a Certificate III in Carpentry in 3 to 4 years; the opportunities after completing this apprenticeship are endless. 

One of The Gordon’s current apprentices Elliott Lanyon joined the panel to discuss his experience as an apprentice, how he started and what his career aspirations are now that he is nearing the completion of his course. 

Elliott chose a carpentry apprenticeship as once qualified the opportunities can lead to jobs as a Carpenter, Site Foreman, Project Manager, Builder and even open the doors to own and run your own business. 

There are plenty of ways to find an apprenticeship or traineeship. Elliot explained a mentor at his football club advised him never to underestimate the value of approaching an employer to introduce yourself, and this is what Elliott did; a week later he started work and hasn’t looked back. Using this approach shows you’re passionate about getting started and forward-thinking. 

Alternative ways to find an employer and get your career started are by contacting an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers, Group Training Organisations or researching via Job Search websites. 

Elliott provided some tips on being a first-year apprentice and tackling the training with The Gordon. 

  • Research the training provider, luckily Elliott speaks highly of The Gordon’s training. He enjoys studying one day per week, as it allows him to focus on the training component at trade-school, rather than studying after work at home. 
  • During the initial stages of your apprenticeship, be attentive, “read the play”, don’t sit around and wait to be told what to do, be willing to learn and be proactive! 
  • Be a team player; arrive on time, and work hard. 

We were also lucky to be joined by Cat McCarthy from McCarthy Plumbing, a recent winner of the Trades Business of the Year award. 

Their business consists of several apprentices, all attending trade school with The Gordon. Cat is passionate about the apprenticeship and traineeship pathway options for people, having completed a traineeship herself and coming from a previous role as a traineeship consultant, she sees the value in learning as you work and earn. 

McCarthy is currently offering a School-based apprenticeship opportunity in plumbing for 2021. Cat expressed, as Elliott did, the importance in contacting an employer directly to put yourself out there. If you are considering plumbing as a career pathway while enrolled in High school, give McCarthy Plumbing a call, be confident and grab this fantastic opportunity while it is still available! 

Evan from NextGen Jobs joined us to give an insight into a ‘different’ kind of employer for apprentices and trainees. 

NextGen jobs is a Group Training Organisation (GTO) who are the employer through the duration of your apprenticeship. Evan and his highly skilled team build and maintain relationships with local employers who host their apprentices and trainees through their training. 

NextGen currently employs 600 Apprentices and Trainees across Australia. They are a not for profit organisation assisting those looking to start a career. They can offer you advice on new industries that are in-demand to ensure that you can find employment that suits you. They also work closely with these businesses to place you into employment and see out your training. 

Evan highlighted industries that are in-demand at the moment. Farming and agriculture, cybersecurity, health services, robotics, engineering including fusion welding and laser welding; these careers need to be acknowledged to increase awareness of different types of roles you can be employed in, that aren’t the ‘traditional’ apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities around. If any of the above interest you, reach out and contact NextGen today. 

We heard from Adam Bell, the Coordinator of Parks Management at Wyndham City. They currently employ 65 staff, with three apprentices on board. These apprentices are at all different stages of their apprenticeships, all employed through NextGen. Adam started his career as an apprentice with Wyndham City, completing on the job training, Adam was able to progress in his career to the coordinator role he is in now. Within government organisations, there are so many opportunities to develop and grow in your career; keep an eye out for work at your local council!! 

The Gordon’s very own Lorenzo, a skilled carpentry teacher joined the panel to outline the training requirements for a carpentry apprentice. The best part of training with The Gordon? All trainers are required to have undertaken 15 years of work in the industry. Lorenzo highlighted that the apprentices attend two days of trade school per month; this will vary for different courses and industries. Apprentices complete a combination of theory and practical assessments. Practical components are set out as they would be on a job site; once completed, online assessments are undertaken. Lorenzo explains that every apprentice is different, so to succeed at trade school “stick it out, commit yourself, ask questions.” The structure of the learning environment is very different from a mainstream learning environment, so if you are feeling nervous that it will be as high school was, it’s not! 

Check out the Gordon’s apprenticeship and traineeship courses here

The application and interview process:

Well, today we were joined by those in the industry who explained what it takes to become an apprentice or trainee and what you can expect during the lifecycle of your training.
Want to be considered for the job?
Show interest, research and build your knowledge of the company, know your position description, be enthusiastic about where you want the job to lead you.
How to get your resume and application noticed:

  • Attention to detail, if a cover letter is requested, provide one! The cover letter should be one page and highlight your knowledge of the business, give emphasis to the skills outlined on your resume and show your enthusiasm about the role you are applying for.
  • Personalise your resume; employers understand you are applying for many jobs. Tailoring your resume for the job you’re applying for, will make you stand out! Consider information given in the application by the business and highlight how your skills can be transferred to what they’re asking for. For example, if they want somebody who is reliable, use an example of a time where you showed up on time for a job, sporting event, volunteering etc.
  • Expect a callback. A callback about your resume or application is your first interview, so make sure you’re in an appropriate place to take the call… if not, wait and call them back.
  • VOICEMAIL… make sure yours is appropriate. “Hi you’ve called, ***, please leave a message, and I will return your call as soon as possible.”
  • Be professional, no matter the job, showing that you can be professional is important.
  • Be proactive, follow up your application; this shows interest, initiative and motivation.

Where to go to view jobs on offer:

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Guidance and advice on your application:

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Thank you for reading, we hope that the information provided will assist you in taking that next step to trying a new career.