Industry Insights into Cleaning and Hygiene

Great money, great hours, great networking and get paid to be active!
Be proud to be a cleaner!

Today the Skills and Jobs Centre and Wyndham City joined forces to host an Insights panel with a focus on the Cleaning and Hygiene industry.

Our intention?
To maximize your knowledge around employment opportunities available in this industry, and highlight the importance of having a positive, can do attitude, strong work ethic and a genuine interest in cleaning to begin your career.

We were lucky enough to host industry experts Latchmi Jordan from ISS Cleaning and Denise Huxtable from Point of Difference Cleaning. Our panellists detailed their personal experience working in this sector, and shared advice on how you can enter this industry in a well-paying entry level position with zero skills needed, just a willingness to learn and a passion for customer satisfaction.

ISS Cleaning ISS is a Danish company which began all the way back in 1901 and has been in Australia since 2002. ISS offers a range of services and has 300 plus clients around Australia with over 17,000 employees working in a variety of areas from Schools, Tertiary Education, Hospitals, Airports, and Mining sites. ISS has a large variety of career opportunities in many fields and prides itself on developing talent from within.

You can check out their job opportunities here:  

Point of Difference is a Werribee based business, that originally started in Geelong before Denise purchased the business 20 years ago and has since built a well-known and strong employer brand in the Wyndham region. Point of Difference pride themselves on their values, they currently employ 28 staff with a projection to double this in the next 3 years. Employees at Point of Difference stay with the company on average for 4.5 years and they would be a great workplace to begin your career in cleaning.

Want to be a part of this, express your interest or apply here:

Latchmi has worked in the industry for almost 30 years.

Little to no cleaning skills? No worries!
Both companies are looking for people with the following attributes:
– Strong work ethic
– Compatible values to the business
– A passion for producing quality results
– Interest in the cleaning industry
– Willingness to learn new skills

What do you need to apply for a cleaning position?
Most domestic cleaning roles will require you to have a Drivers Licence to get from one client to another however, Latchmi advised that to work in commercial cleaning (buildings/offices/public venues) you wouldn’t be required to have a Drivers Licence as they are generally in areas with public transport.
You will be required to undertake a Police Check and have a valid Working with Children’s Check.

Both panellists outlined that training will be given to all new staff, including online training, equipment demonstrations and before you are sent off to work on your own you will be partnered with an experienced cleaner to learn the skills required to provide the quality service they promise customers. Further opportunity to learn new skills and continue to grow in the company are offered throughout each year!

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Industry Insight into Early Childhood Education

On Tuesday the 29th of September the Skills and Jobs Centre teamed up with Wyndham City Council to deliver an Industry Insights Panel into the Early Childhood Education and Care sector.

We were excited to be joined by Sonija Smit, Service Excellence Lead with Wyndham City, and Sharleen Lancaster, State Manager from Sparrow Early Learning in Wyndham, to talk about the childcare industry, job opportunities, and recruitment and career pathways available. The passion Sonija and Sharleen have for the industry was evident in the virtual Zoom room, and was embraced by all attendees. What an amazing session to be involved in!

If you are currently studying childcare or are considering enrolling in a course at the beginning of 2021, keep reading, as there is valuable information that will help you decide if this industry is for you. If you have already decided that you want a career in childcare, you’ll find out about job opportunities and read some tips from the experts about the recruitment process.

What does it take to begin a career in childcare? If you are a nurturing and passionate person and enjoy building lifelong relationships, having fun and occasionally being a bit silly, this industry could be for you. Sonija explains that every day she leaves work feeling as though she has accomplished something, such as teaching a child something new like a developmental skill. It’s an extremely enriching career and keeps her coming back, even through the more challenging times.

Sharleen explained that some people are born with a natural ability to look after children; however, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a quality you have already. If you are persistent and apply yourself, this will come over time

Both panelists confirmed today that during the pandemic there were no jobs losses at their centres, and with people in the Wyndham area slowly returning to work, they are getting busier and are needing to recruit more staff.

With extra funding recently announced for the 3yo kinder, recruitment will begin in early 2021 for around 6000 more Early Childhood Teachers. It will be a staged approach across the country and state for the next 2-3 years.
This is a growth industry, with many centres looking to hire those with Certificate III, Diploma and Bachelor Early Childhood Education level qualifications. Now seems like the time to seriously consider the childcare industry as a career option.


Below are the types of roles available across the industry that you might be interested in:

  • Childcare Assistants (Certificate III or Diploma Qualification)
  • Room Leaders (Diploma Qualification required)
  • Team leader or Service Manager – On the floor teaching and office work (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education)  
  • Kindergarten Teachers – 3 and 4yo (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education)
  • Office administrators
  • In-training early years educators (Diploma Qualification, working towards ECT)
  • Cooks/Chefs

And there’s other employment opportunities in the childcare industry, such as nannies, out-of-school-hours coordinators, Family Day Care assistants and more…  

What are they looking for when hiring?

  • Include your past work or volunteering history on your resume. Recruiters want to see that you have had experience working with other people, not necessarily only in the Early Childhood Education industry.
  • Your resume does not need to be long, 1-2 pages is enough.
  • Include a Cover Letter.
  • Give detailed answers in your Selection Criteria.
  • Try to align your selection criteria answers/and cover letter content with examples that reflect the vision and values of the organisation to which you are applying to.
  • Always be yourself in the interview! Its ok not to know everything about the job, ask questions and show you are willing to learn.
  • If English is your second language, that’s great, as centres embrace diversity and love being able to expose children to different cultures and languages. It’s so important now for our children to become global citizens and both Sonija and Sharleen expressed the importance of children hearing and learning different languages.

To view upcoming job opportunities with Wyndham City follow this link:

Or Sparrow Early learning here:

Career pathway resources:

Placement opportunities with Wyndham City:

Skills and Jobs Centre:

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