Health employer panel 2019

The panel members presented an overview of their organisation, an outline of their recruitment process, types of opportunities available, as well as some valuable tips about what their organisation is looking for in an application.

The panel:

Mick Fuller (Senior People & Culture Manager) Epworth Healthcare Geelong
Tamika Russell (Talent Officer) Barwon Health

Epworth Healthcare is a not-for-profit private hospital. We combine 95 years’ experience with a team of expert local staff and doctors. We share the same vision – to create an outstanding healthcare facility of choice for the people of Greater Geelong and South West Victoria.

Mick’s personal experience includes a transition into the Health sector from a retail and manufacturing background. He believes you need to be passionate about the organisation you work for and so was attracted to the Epworth name and the professional but diverse environment they offer. He has worked at the Epworth for the past 4 years.

Epworth Workforce:

Epworth HealthCare is a dynamic and friendly workplace, built on teamwork and have a commitment to quality and furthering the development and skills of their staff. There are also  some great benefits and support when working at Epworth

  1. Clinical staff
    • Heavy reliance on Clinical staff
    • Employs RN’s & EN’s, but will only employ endorsed EN’s
  2. Food Services
    • Primarily employs people with a hospitality background
    • Food Service Model which involves personalised screens for patients to order meals at any time of the day, following a hotel model. Patients have a choice of when they receive the meal and what the meal is. The menu is catered to your personal needs, including medical and dietary requirements.
    • Is less to do with health and more to do with customer service
  3. Sterilisation
    • Involves looking after the equipment and getting it ready.
    • Certified role, you need to have completed a Cert III or Cert IV in Sterilisation.
    • Well-paid
    • Stable employment
    • Professional roles
  4. Theatre Technicians
    • Involved in bringing in the equipment and setting up the theatre.
    • Certified role – need a Certificate to be employed.
    • Certificate level courses will allow you to be employed, so you can get up and running fairly quickly.
    • Good pay

What Epworth looks for in an employee:

  1. Technical Skills
    • Skills/Qualifications that are required for each role
  2. Soft Skills (eg. communication, organisation, team work, flexibility, self-management)
    • Values – Epworth takes their values very seriously
      • Respect
      • Excellence
      • Community
      • Compassion
      • Integrity
      • Accountability
    • Look on the website and find out about the values. If you are invited for an interview, think about how your values align with theirs.
  3. Epworth’s Recruitment Process: Online recruitment process, application, behavioural interview
    • Come prepared and know about the organisation and role. Make sure to check the website. This shows motivation, respect and initiative.

Advertising of roles:

  • 95% of roles are advertised, as they are looking for the best person for the role.
  • Advertised on:

How to apply for a job at Epworth:

  • Submit a Resume, Cover Letter and response to Key Selection Criteria.
  • Resume
    • 2-3 page maximum
    • Relevant to role
    • Don’t use colour or different font throughout the document
    • Keep professional
    • Use a single font in 11 or 12pt
    • No photos
  • Cover letter
    • Tailor your cover letter – very important!
    • Make sure to change the name of the company – this shows care and attention to detail
    • Brief and to the point
    • 1 page
    • Show what you can bring to Epworth
  • Key Selection Criteria
    • Flexible with regards to addressing Key Selection Criteria and won’t always ask for this to be completed separately
    • Look at the Position Description and address how your skills match and how your motivation fits
    • Show your connection to the community. This can be through involvement with sporting clubs or coaching your kid’s soccer team. This tells about you as a person.
    • Lots of people have the technical skills, but less meet the criteria of fit, culture and personality.

Barwon Health is the largest employer in Geelong, employing over 7000 people. Formed in 1998, Barwon Health is one of the largest and most comprehensive regional health services in Australia, providing care at all stages of life and circumstance. Health services available through Barwon Health cover the full spectrum from primary care, community services, aged care, rehabilitation, mental health, emergency and acute care.

Working at Barwon Health means you will be part of a team providing high quality healthcare services to our communities, with a wide range of opportunities in diverse areas including acute, mental health, aged care, administration and support services.

Tanika shared that it’s a great environment to work in. The people are lovely and are there to help people. Others share the same values as you.

Barwon Health Workforce:

  • Clinical
  • Aged Care
  • Theatre Technicians
    • Need a Certificate III first.
    • Will see medical procedures, so have to be ok with that.
    • Have to be able to look after yourself and deal with situations.
    • Training – might need to go to Melbourne for training, but will be rewarded for this.
  • Casual Administration Pool.
  • Volunteers portal– are seen as internal candidates, so can apply for internal roles. Opportunity to gain experience and allows you to connect with different departments.

What Barwon Health looks for an employee:

  • Flexible and adaptable
  • People who are excited about working in health care and are passionate about putting the patient first.
  • Looking for people who are really passionate.
  • Barwon Health is value driven and they live their values, including in performance discussions every 12 months.
  • Recruit based on values.

Barwon Health’s Recruitment Process:

  • Decentralised process
  • Interview
    • Talk about your passions and how you align with Barwon Health’s values.
    • Make sure you are prepared.
    • Research:
      • Website
      • Position Description
      • Values
      • If you know someone who works at Barwon Health, ask them!
    • Take notes in.
    • Will be asked behavioural questions so have examples ready.
    • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Volunteering


How to apply for a job at Barwon Health:

Before you apply, think about:

Are you passionate and excited about this industry?

  • Need to upload a Cover Letter, Resume and then answer the Key Selection Criteria.
  • Resume
    • Only include what’s relevant
    • Don’t go too over the top
    • Include your key skills
    • Have a profile at the top of your CV – this is very important as it gives the employer a snapshot of you.
    • Will spend on average 10 seconds looking at your resume, so the top section is the most important.
    • Clear & Concise
    • Easy to read
    • Easy layout
    • Managers read them, so make it easy to read.
    • Include volunteering opportunities as this shows your connection to the community.
  • Cover Letter
    • Talk about your passions.
  • Key Selection Criteria
    • Part of the process.
    • Some are Y/N questions.
    • Need to be able to address the criteria and requirements of the role

Thank you to our panel for sharing their valuable insights and tips. It was a solid hour of valuable information. Our presenters were generous with their time and sharing their unique insights into this growing sector.