A pocket guide to hAPPiness!

Keeping the blues at bay in the elusive job search

It is well documented that job loss (along with divorce, death, illness and moving house) is one of life’s major stresses.

It may not be as devastating or long lived as some of the above, but it often contributes to loss of self esteem, confidence, family harmony and financial security.

Retrenchment, workplace bullying, long-term unemployment or even a required career change, can leave you confused, angry, disappointed or lost. You may find yourself bombarded with well meaning suggestions and ideas from friends and services that may not be what you want or need at that particular time.

As compassionate and astute career counsellors we know that in conjunction with job guidance and vocational support sometimes you need additional assistance to keep upbeat and on track. Whether that be through professional health services, therapeutic avenues, exercise programs or life coaching, the important thing is that it works for you. That’s the only thing that matters.

Recently I have discovered the power of therapeutic Apps.

For me at present it’s the mindfulness meditation application (app), Headspace, which has been great. There are hundreds of free or minimal cost apps that are like having your own personal support team in your pocket.

There are apps for motivation, positive thinking, setting your goals, meditation and getting through depression or anxiety. The same way an app may be used to regulate your exercise, these apps help to regulate your mind and mood.

Personally, I love face to face support and guidance when I need it, but the brilliance of being able to access online apps, forums and support programs confidentially anytime, anywhere can do wonders for your well-being.

To start you off try Mind Health Connect, an Australian site with lots of online suggestions. I found the best thing was just to type in your interest, find a related app, and try them on for size. It is not a one size fits all scenario, so explore, taste and see what’s right for you.

Best of luck and Happy apping!

Written by Erika, our Workshop Wizard. If you are struggling with a career decision, book in an appointment or workshop with one of our advisors.