Would you make a warm call?

Last week when I shared my blog post ‘So you think the only way to apply for a job is online?’ on my personal Facebook site I was really just showing off that I am a real blogger now!!

However, I found it very interesting the number of people who commented and who actually read my post! I was surprised to see that many of my friends were in this same situation, and I hadn’t realised.

I had been surprised when I heard the story from my beauty therapist, and at the time thought this to be an unusual situation, but it turns out it may not be as unusual after all.

A Canadian friend of mine is a lawyer and looking for work in Australia. In her words, ‘I was busting my ass applying and interviewing for online jobs. But I ended up cold calling a law firm and just got a full time job!’ (Well done, Kora!)

So, I thought it timely to share some tips about how to make the perfect cold call.

You may be able to score yourself a job by making random phone calls, however your chance of success will be higher if you take a more targeted approach, a warm call!

Do your research

Choose companies that mirror your values and are places you genuinely want to work. You’ll have an easier time talking to someone if you can show a real interest in their company. Spend some time on the company’s website and also on any social media sites to get a good understanding of who they are and what you have to offer them.

Try to find the right person to talk to

Again, research is the key here. Try to find a shared connection that could make an introduction. If not, find out who is the best person to speak to. If you can get past reception to the person with the power to make a hiring decision, you’ll give yourself a better chance of a job opportunity.


It’s a great idea to have a practice, especially if you are not confident on the phone. What is it that you want that person to know about you? It’s helpful to write a script so that you have something to refer to if you get stuck to make sure you get your point across. There’s nothing worse than hanging up the phone and then remembering what you wanted to say!

Keep it short!

Everyone’s busy, so when you get the opportunity to talk to someone, make sure you get to the point quickly, but politely! Ask if this is a good time and if it’s not, suggest to call back at another time.

Say thank-you!!

Whether it is a successful phone call or not, make sure you are polite and thank the person for taking the time to speak to you. While there may not be an opportunity now, try to leave a lasting impression so that you will be in the person’s mind if an opportunity does come up.


Do what you say you are going to do. If they are busy and ask you to call back, then call back when you agreed to! We know how busy people are, so don’t be disheartened by a lack of interest or failure to return your call. Persistence can pay off, so follow up on a phone call that hasn’t been returned or a message you have left.

Yes, it takes a bit of confidence. But if you are well prepared and target your calls to companies that are a good fit for you, it can pay off. And if it ends in a job you’ll love, I think it’s worth putting yourself out there.

Written by our social media guru, Tracey Jeffery. If you’d like some help to make a warm call, make an appointment with Tracey or book in to her ‘Becoming a Standout Application’ workshop.