Mind your own business!!

Maybe its time to grow your own enterprise!

Have you ever had a vision… or an idea that like an earthworm continues to gnaw into your ear like an ever present 80’s hit on the radio?

Have you wondered what is at the end of that yellow brick road? Could your wonderful concept or idea could really become a reality? Maybe its time to tune into your thoughts and feelings and listen to what your subconscious is telling you.

If you are struggling to make a career change or finding doors shutting before you at every step of your job search, maybe its time to consider creating your own business.

Creating your own business is not for everyone. It’s true, if you don’t have a passion, determination or drive to see it through, perhaps it’s not for you. But if your vision is strong, and you are motivated and hardworking then you are almost half way there.

It might feel like jumping off a cliff into an unknown abyss without a harness, but if you only do what you have always done then you will only get what you have always got, and that is where change comes in. Being nervous to take on such a venture and take a new risk can be scary. Being risk averse can be a good thing, but it can also limit your potential and opportunities… any career transition or job change takes courage and conviction, and we never have any rock solid guarantees or outcomes either way.

When I first started my sole trader business in my mid-twenties I thought all these things;

Will people take me seriously?

Can I really write a business plan?

Can I really convince people that I am the product they want?

I contemplated all these questions before and while I started my small business. I was crippled by fear and doubt, and wondered if I was making the right choices. I was creating a theatre show in an arts business, based on a difficult experience I encountered in my own life, hoping that by sharing this piece of personal theatre, I would transform others lives. It could have failed dismally, but it didn’t.

It was a huge risk, but in a short time schools, institutions and health professionals were paying me and recommending me to perform and speak publicly to many audiences. Eventually it was enough to sustain a basic wage and collate a marvelous swag of accolades along the way. It had a shelf life, it wasn’t hugely profitable, but it actually gave me considerable credibility, personal satisfaction and a pathway to another career that I hadn’t before considered.

However this was my business and we’re talking about YOUR business, so lets get back to that idea, Minding your own business. Developing, nurturing and growing your business and ideas, creating possibilities and contacts.

Currently in Geelong there is a marvelous opportunity for you to follow your path to small business through a start up program by the Federal government, RMIT and NETGAIN.

The program is run over 12 months and you will achieve a national qualification in small business, Certificate IV in Small Business Management, in addition to gaining personal mentorship, guidance, consistent feedback and support.

You will learn about financial planning, relevant business taxation and legislation and about marketing and promotion.

It’s a unique opportunity and may only be offered in 2016. So take your ideas, your self belief and a positive attitude and make the first step to a new enterprise. It worked for me, maybe it could work for you too.

The greatest journey starts with just one step.

Geelong Advertiser

Written by Erika, our Workshop Wizard. Make an appointment with any of our advisors to talk about your options if you are thinking about starting your own business.