So you have an interview.. HELP!!

So, you’re wondering what you need to do to prepare you for an interview?

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Firstly, Don’t panic!

Follow these fail safe tips to kill it at the interview and land yourself that job!

1. Research, research and more research!

The company’s website

Who they are, what they do,
how long have they been doing it

Find the ‘About Us’ Button or ‘What we Do’
What are you looking for?
The Aims, Mission Statement &/or Values

Under History, Strategic Plan or ‘Who We Are’
Look for annual reports or other company publications

To show knowledge of the company
To show you are a suitable fit

2. Check out rival companies

What are the points of difference
Why do they think they are different

3. Re-check the position description

To expand on your application information

4. Prepare examples

Use a range of experiences (work, clubs, voluntary) to show how you have gained the specific skills, experience or qualities the job requires

5. Re-read the job advertisement and your resume

Think about what makes you a good choice for this employer
Specifically, which of your skills, experiences and knowledge make you a valuable asset to the company

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photo credit: Marco Bellucci via photopin cc